Contemporary Stainless 16 1/2″x 13 1/2″Roasting Pan

Contemporary Stainless 16 1/2
Contemporary Stainless 16 1/2″x 13 1/2″Roasting Pan

A golden-brown roast, crackling-crisp and dripping with juices, is a treat that not only moms and grandmothers are capable of producing. With this tri-ply, aluminum core, stainless steel roaster from Calphalon, you are guaranteed superb results. Low sides allow air to freely circulate around food, ensuring even cooking and browning. Durable construction makes this roaster capable of withstanding year after year of oven heat without warping. Accompanied by a V-shaped roasting rack for your convenience.

Material:Stainless steel
Length:16 1/2 inches
Width:13 1/2 inches
Cleaning / Care:Handwash
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